Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motorbike Insurance And Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some motorbike insurance questions commonly heard from bikers or those about to become drivers on two wheels.

Do I need motorbike insurance if my bike is garaged over the winter?

The answer to this is typically yes, unless you take steps to follow what is called the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) process.

Relatively recent changes to legislation now mean that any vehicle, including motorcycles, stored off-road must still be covered by the road fund licence (road tax) and therefore insurance.

The only way to avoid this is to officially notify the DVLA that your vehicle is off-road and no longer in use on the public highway. The procedure to do this involves sending a declaration to them and the entire process is referred to as SORN.

If I have more than one motorcycle, do I need multiple policies?

No, at least not if you find an insurance provider who offers multi-bike policies.

This may make the situation administratively easier for you (as you will only have one policy to think about) and it may also prove to be attractive in cost terms.

I have a vintage/classic motorcycle - will my use of it be restricted?

Possibly yes. Such policies may typically exclude the use of your motorcycle for regular commuting purposes and may also require somewhat lower average annual mileages.

They may also not permit (as may be the case with other forms of motor bike insurance) the use of your machine for hire or reward purposes.

I have a driving conviction; will this increase the cost of my motorbike insurance?

Unfortunately, typically it will indeed increase the cost of your cover.

Although that may be unavoidable, some insurers specialise in providing convicted biker insurance and that may help you control the financial damage, as far as possible.

I am a young biker, is there any way I can reduce my insurance cost?

Insurers typically regard younger bikers as being statistically of higher risk than more experienced riders.

As the insurer's perceptions of the risk constituted by the rider influences the price of your insurance, younger riders or those with less experience, may typically be expected to pay higher premiums.

The good news is that some insurers offer cover at younger ages and for those with no or limited no claims discount. Finding such insurance providers may enable you to obtain a more suitable and cost-effective deal.

Is it worth shopping around for motorbike cover?

Typically, yes it is.

Insurance companies do not have identical views as to the respective risks of a given situation and as a result, their prices and products may vary significantly.

Finding motorbike insurance, to suit your individual situation and budget, may be somewhat easier if you make the effort to shop around.

By: Eliot Blundell
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