Thursday, November 10, 2011

Security Labels and your Insurance

Managing the risk. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your insurance premium you will have no doubt come across this expression "managing the risk" or "reduce the risk".

There are countless tips such as ensure your building has the best security, check locks, windows, doors. Ensure you have a procedure for keeping safe customer details and personal information. Carry out risk assessment and consult health and safety manuals for keeping your employees safe. Possible advanced driver training for any one out on the road. All pretty much standard practise.

However we often forget about the little things. The computers, printers, machinery, telephones, ASSETS! Assets that are not just exclusive to the office but also warehousing, stores, storage yards.

Do you have an asset management procedure in place? Do you know how many printers you have in your office, are they clearly marked or bar coded relating to your inventory? Are they security marked to aid prevention of theft of property?

The costs of a new security door or an alarm system can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. The cost of marking 500 items of property with an anti theft security label can cost as little as £93.00.

Now a label is not a ball and chain hankering your products or items to the office, however they are a clear visible sign that says "I am security protected". Security labels come in a variety of materials depending on your needs.

There are security labels that leave the wording "VOID" if you attempt to remove the label. Another material will break up if you attempt to remove the security label, it is impossible to remove in one piece and will clearly show someone has been tampering with your equipment.

If you have products that you insure with a warranty, there is a security label that if has been removed or parts of the equipment have been tampered with will negate the warranty on the product, possibly saving you hundreds of pounds fixing misused products.

Whilst some companies like to tell you above the more expensive options of insuring your business, the little things often get over looked.

Get shopping around for your security labels and see what a difference they can make to your business.

For more information on securing your assets with security labels check out

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By: Lisa Smith
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