Monday, November 28, 2011

Various forms of bike insurance

It may surprise you to know that there are some insurance providers who offer specialised lines of bike insurance cover.

These specialised lines may include things such as:

classic bike insurance - although you may find that not all insurers offer this type of cover and those that do may have slightly different definitions as to what constitutes a classic bike, nevertheless, it may be worth searching for it if you have a motorcycle that is older than say 15-25 years of age. You may find that you will be able to achieve premium reductions in return for things such as lower mileages (which may be the reality in any case, when you are using a classic motorcycle);

multi-bike cover - some people are collectors of motorcycles or have simply acquired several over the years and if you come into this category, you may find that taking out a single policy to cover all of your bikes may prove to be both cost-effective and administratively easier than trying to cover each of them with its own unique individual policy;

female biker insurance - cover that is tailored specifically to the requirements and characteristics of the increasing number of women that are taking to two wheels;

convicted biker insurance - these policies take into account the very real difficulties that some bikers may face in trying to secure bike insurance with convictions on their driving records, to say nothing of the significantly increased premiums they may be facing;

over £1000 premium payers - if you are paying more than this sort of sum each year, some insurers may offer you advantageous terms in order to try and make your insurance cover that bit more affordable;

scooter and moped riders - some people believe that this form of biking is some of the most environmentally friendly around and that it is a pity to discourage it through high insurance premiums, therefore, they may offer attractive deals to bikers in this category;

zero no claims bonus - there may typically be two reasons why you are not eligible for any no claims discounts on your bike cover insurance (because you have made a claim against your policy recently or because you are a new biker and have not yet accumulated the said discount), in either case, some insurers may be willing to try and help through this sort of product line;

• in summary, looking at your individual situation and trying to find insurers that are able to offer bike insurance to fit your particular requirements, may enable you to achieve suitable and cost-effective motorcycle cover.

By: Eliot Blundell
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