Thursday, December 22, 2011

Legal Requirements Covering Insurance For Motorcycles

Insurance is a major feature that one must keep in mind while deciding on the investment in a new motorcycle. It is not just sufficient to be able to ride a motorcycle, it is necessary that you must have the necessary papers for coverage of insurance for motorcycles.

While motorcycle insurance is a legal necessity, it must be kept in mind that most insurance companies go beyond the basic requirements and offer added benefits to the insured.� If the vehicle is not is regular use and has limited mileage, insurance cover is also tailor-made to provide for such coverage at a discount. If the motorcycle is not involved in any accident and there have been no claims during the tenure of the insurance, which in most cases is a year, insurance companies provide for a no claim bonus to the insured. This is an added attraction to most motorcycle owners as it significantly lowers the insurance costs on the whole.

Motorcycle insurance now also comes with such additional features like towing service and immediate breakdown reliefs in the event the insured vehicle is involved in an accident. A comprehensive policy would cover medical costs in case of an accident that involves the owner, his co-passenger and people on the road if there are physical injuries. This would be apart from the normal repair costs to the motorcycle. If the insured is covered under third party liability insurance for motorcycles only, even then his co-passengers and others on the road involved in the accident would remain covered.� In case you need to borrow your friend's motorcycle or a friend needs to borrow yours, short term insurance cover is also available.

Insurance for motorcycles is available for all types of motorcycles and therefore the person buying a vehicle would well be advised to study this recurring cost factor before investing in a specific type. A sports motorcycle would always have a higher insurance premium as compared to a normal motorcycle. Similarly, high end motorcycles with higher horsepower rates would have higher insurance premium.

If the owner of a motorcycle also owns a car, insurance companies provide a multi- faceted comprehensive insurance policy that covers both the vehicles.� Cost wise it is huge savings as well since the larger coverage for the car includes the coverage for the motorcycle too.

Finally, before actually calling the agent specializing in insurance for motorcycles, it would be better to obtain a few spot quotes online from insurance companies, so that you can bargain the best deal for yourself.

By: Christoffer X Altesino
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