Sunday, January 15, 2012

Medical Condition Travel Insurance-finally Gets A True Answer

Some of us think that, it is not more than wastage of money and your time. But how many of us have read the policy wording? This particular article contains highly important knowledge if you ignored that means you are going to purchase high cost travel insurance. And some of us can’t afford a high cost health insurance travel. And we also want to save our money and get cheap holiday insurance.

Ensure especially that you have met all the conditions of a travel insurance policy, if you are in pre-existing medical condition. Now some of you thinking what is that. though you can not define a proper definition for it .because it depends on the travel insurance provider company but, in essence, it’s a medical condition which you have at the time of booking travel insurance or one for which you have, in the past few month or few years sought medical advice, been in hospital, had investigatory tests or taken medication.

In exception cases, some people think they don't have a pre-existing medical
condition. However, after further questioning, it can be realize that they are on medication for blood pressure, asthma or high cholesterol. These conditions are mostly stable - because of the medication - still means they are a chronic, pre-existing conditions.

It is highly recommended to ensuring any pre-existing medical condition is declared to an insurance company is that it can be assessed and, hopefully, covered by the terms of the policy. This means that should you require medical treatment when you're away that is linked (directly or indirectly) to a condition, then the associated costs will be covered by the insurance policy. After accepted a cover and if you do not declare conditions for cover and have confirm it then any claim might be rejected.

A man who did not declare any condition for his travel insurance cover and while traveling he became seriously ill and due to his medical conditions which he had declared at the time of booking, he went home with a very large medical bill. And even medical condition travel insurance couldn’t help him. So now you have valid reason why you should go for medical condition travel insurance.

It is compulsory that if you have any medical condition at all, declare it to a travel insurance company. Let them make the decision - don't risk making an assessment yourself either any other person- it could cost you an awful lot of money! We are sure that after done that nobody can say that it is wastage of your money and you will be proud on your decision.

By: g.smith
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