Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to Save Big on Workers' Compensation - Book Review

How to Save Big on Workers' Compensation
Featuring insightful, actionable and proven cost-saving ideas, How To Save Big On Workers' Compensation shows how employers can maximize productivity and profits through safety and a culture of caring. This essential guide discusses the strategies that saved a quarter of a billion dollars.

This easy-to-read book includes exclusive interviews with leading industry experts. The experts include Larry LaPointe, former director of the Division of Confidential Investigations at the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF); Ed Hiller, director of Claims and Medical Operations for NYSIF; Brian Mittman, the managing partner of Markhoff & Mittman, a law firm helping injured workers; Robert Firmbach, a veteran loss-control and safety expert; Eileen Preiato, the Friedlander Claims Solution manager; and Cosmo Preiato, executive vice president of Friedlander Group and leader of Safety Group Underwriting and Operations.

“Friedlander’s approach in this well-written, helpful book is to focus on what employers can do to minimize workers’ compensation claims in the first place. He believes that by creating a “culture of caring,” employers can effectively save money on workers’ compensation, because “that culture will maximize your productivity, efficiencies, and profits.” ...This revelation alone makes the book valuable, along with several eye-opening interviews with workers’ compensation experts. Employers will gain insight into such key issues as claims and premium fraud, abuse of the system, loss control and reducing the cost of claims. A thoughtful book that could actually save employers some serious money.” Kirkus Review

"During my time as CEO of the New York State Insurance Fund, Adam always displayed a keen insight into the intricate workings of the state compensation system. He is a true comp professional who understands the needs of the system's stakeholders; policyholders, associations, injured workers and policy makers. His primer is a must read for those involved in our industry. Ken Ross, CEO/President, Pinnacol Assurance

"How to Save Big on Workers' Compensation is interesting, informative and a must read book. Adam uses his vast knowledge, candid insights including interviews with true experts in workers' compensation to discuss issues related to fraud, claims, safety and loss control. The book focuses on safety prevention as a major linchpin of effective cost control resulting in lowering premium costs. The reader should benefit from this unique review of important issues." Donald T. DeCarlo, J.D. CEO AMCOMP, Commissioner of NYS Insurance Fund, 1997-2009

"Adam offers a number of key concepts - such as managment-employee relations and a culture of caring - that are very straight forward and really work to control workers' compensation costs. His interviews with industry experts deliver the information in an easy-to-understand, real-world style. This is a great book for virtually every American business." Dennis Otmaskin, CPCU Regional President, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Harleysville Group

"I found it to be a riveting book, presented in a manner that every employer would clearly enjoy reading and would cut the cost to his bottom line. This should be considered a training manual. This is also a worthwhile book for every Insurance Broker to read and present to every business client. It presents a powerful bit of knowledge." Arthur Natter, former broker and NYSIF retiree

"Adam's a serious professional and a clear-headed writer." Steve Acunto, Editor & Publisher of Insurance Advocate

"I had an opportunity to read "How to $ave Big on Workers' Compensation". It is exceptional! I especially like the way you started the book with Establishing A Culture of Caring!" Scott Addis, The Addis Group

"Adam, I just finished your book. Quite simply, it was fantastic. I will be purchasing and sending a few copies to my peers. Thank you for your contributions." Brian Nebel, P2P Insurance Agency, Partner.

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