Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is female bike insurance?

One of the methodologies used by insurance companies to try and make their products more relevant to certain sections of the biker community, is to try to design policies for specific types of rider. That is why you may see advertised something called female bike insurance.

These specialised forms of motorcycle insurance cover include things such as:

female bike insurance - policies that are constructed by insurers to take into account the characteristics of the growing numbers of female bikers with the intention being to construct policies that are particularly attractive to them;

• convicted biker insurance - a range of policies aimed at trying to provide cost-effective cover for bikers who have driving convictions and who, as a result, may be paying very high insurance premiums;

• zero no claims discount cover - as is the case with female bike insurance, this form of cover tries to provide help to groups such as new riders or those that have recently made a claim who, as a result, may not be benefiting from a conventional no claims discount on their premiums;

• multi-bike cover - a form of policy that may prove to be ideal if you are someone that owns several motorcycles by way of a collection or simply because you enjoy riding different motorcycles at different times;

• classic/vintage motorcycles cover - as the name indicates, these are aimed at bikers who own older machines and who, as a consequence, typically will not use these as frequently as they may use their day-to-day machine (note that not all insurers have the same definitions of what constitutes a classic or vintage motorcycle);

• expensive premium insurance - some bikers may easily find themselves in the position of facing a premium in excess of £1000 if they have exceptionally powerful, expensive or rare bikes. If that is the case, some insurers may offer special options to try and help provide the cheapest motorcycle insurance possible, given your special circumstances (though remember that what may be cheap for someone else may not prove to be something you would regard as cheap if it does not meet your requirements);

• younger rider insurance - some, though by no means all, motorbike policies will be able to offer cover at 16 years of age providing you have a CBT pass certificate;

• older rider insurance - at the opposite end of the scale, some policies may be able to cover you up to the age of 70 or even 75 (depending on your experience);

• these specialised lines of insurance, such as female bike insurance, may be worth exploring if you are seeking alternative options for your bike cover.

By: Eliot Blundell
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