Friday, November 18, 2011

Workplace Safety and Work Comp

Regarding California Workers Comp, have you ever thought about setting up a safety committee at work? It's not something for geeks, so forget your images of high school classmates you made fun of. California Workers Comp has seen positive progress made with this idea. Workplace safety is one of the primary things you can do to keep everyone well and to keep them far away from California Workers Comp Claims Departments.

A safety committee concerned with Work Comp issues would be made up of a trusted group of your workers who are in the most strategic and logical positions in your work environment. Their tasks would entail safety inspections, seeing that all your safety rules and best practices are being understood and adhered to by everyone. As long as your crew understands that the California Workers Comp system recommended safety committee is there to support them and to ensure everyone's well-being there should be no suspicion that you've let loose moles around your place of business.

When this group is organized, they will need to have copies of your safety guidelines, rules and best procedures. California Workers Comp may be able to help with this list: they know that prevention goes a long way when it comes to Work Comp safety. The committee could also act as the liaison between you, the big boss and the concerns of the guys on the floor. Things such as reporting machinery or equipment that is in need of repair or is unsafe would be one example of how this team can support their co-workers. Work Comp reminds us all that safety in the work environment really does take the co-operation of everyone, so it's wise for you to find ways to make this easy for them all.

Every state except Texas has legislated this insurance, so whether you deal with California Workers Comp or that of any other state except Texas, these simple safety steps will go a long way to save you time, effort and maybe even some money. Want to save money on your California Workers Comp? Well we can't make any promises here, but many of the state Work Comp agencies do believe that preventative safety practices lead to fewer claims. Fewer claims can lead to lower premiums. The idea of a safety committee is looking even better isn't it?

Work Comp is the legal right of your employees, and in keeping with that it makes sense that it is their obligation to keep an eye out for safety risks and report any they see. Of course, that puts the ball in your court, Work Comp reminds. A reported issue will need to be dealt with, or your California Workers Comp policy could go up. But fixing a machine, repairing a piece of equipment, leveling the floor in the loading dock or ensuring that wet floors are slip-proof are all a lot easier and less expensive in every way than a claim with California Workers Comp or that of any other state could be. The presence of a safety committee will be a physical reminder of these points and may go a long way in keeping Work Comp out of the picture.

By: Brian lehr
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