Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Compare static caravan insurance quotations

Making sure that you have the most appropriate insurance cover for your static caravan may be your number one priority and one way of achieving this may be to get a few quotes so that you can meaningfully compare caravan insurance policies.
One area where you may notice a difference, when you compare static caravan insurance policies, is in the criteria they use to determine eligibility for new for old caravan insurance cover.
Typically you may find that this is worked out using a combination of the age of your static and the number of owners that it may have had.
Some policies may limit their new for old replacement to caravans up to three years old provided you have been the sole owner. There are some providers of static caravan insurance though who may offer a new replacement:
• for three year old caravans which have been pre-owned;
• for caravans up to five years old if you bought it from new.

These criteria may make quite a difference to you depending on your circumstances.
You may wish to bear in mind though that the value of your replacement may not exceed the amount that you have actually insured your static for. You may therefore need to regularly review the insured value of your static to ensure that it is still in line with the market value of a new model.
When you compare static caravan insurance quotations, you may wish to bear in mind that there may be discounts on offer in certain circumstances that might be of relevance to you. These may include:
• using a location for your static that has 24 hour supervision on site;
• locating your caravan on a site where there is no history of flooding;
• belonging to a recognised caravan club or association;
• accepting a higher voluntary excess on your policy to share the risk with the insurance provider.

When considering static caravan insurance, you may also wish to bear in mind that it is intended as cover for caravans that are used only a few weeks a year for recreational and holiday purposes.
If you live permanently in your static caravan then from an insurance point of view, it may need to be covered by park home insurance and be located in a local authority licensed site.

Your site owner may give you the impression that you are obliged to buy your static caravan insurance from them and that there is therefore no point in you trying to compare static caravan insurance. In fact, you are typically free to purchase your insurance cover wherever you choose and it may be cost beneficial to you to do so.

By: Richard Burgess
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