Monday, January 2, 2012

Health Insurance Benefits That Serve Your Needs

People who are fortunate enough to still have health insurance benefits from their employer can be cost confusing, especially when the office visits and out of pocket expenses are more than what the individual thinks they should be. If this is something you are dealing with, consider yourself lucky when compared to those who have no health insurance or have to find health insurance from a private pay insurance company with their own out of pocket money with no help from an employer. This can really get expensive as these policy holders know first hand.

Unfortunately, coverage is a huge expense across the board and most people don't realize how lucky they are to have health insurance benefits through their employer and this is because they very simply don't realize that in most cases an employer based plan is not only in part subsidized by the employer but it is also usually charged at a discounted rate because of the size of the group signing up for this plan. As an individual, a person is usually not so lucky.

As an individual or head of household who holds a job without health insurance benefits you will most likely find that affordable options are limited unless you are independently wealthy or poor enough to receive help from Medicaid then you are likely out of luck. In this situation there are some options that are available which may include temporary or even catastrophic .

While this is not the idea situation anyone would like to be in, it is however options that will help keep your family covered until you can find a more permanent and affordable insurance plan. The sad truth is that there are very few if any plan that equal the benefits of a employer based plan. Even with the increase of premium costs, the employer based insurance plans are the best value for the money anywhere.

Consider yourself to be a very blessed and lucky person if you are enjoying coverage by a employer based plan. The importance of understanding the value of these plans cannot be overlooked, especially when there are many families and individuals who are far from getting this type of coverage for themselves and their families. It is important that everyone have health insurance for the what if situations and if necessary you might want to contact your local Medicaid office to inquire about getting help if you qualify and while you continue to find employment that offers health insurance benefits to its employees.

By: Ethan Kalvin
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